Advanced Online Threat Protection for Exchange
With SpamStopsHere Spam & Malware Protection for Exchange Online & Server

™ integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange Online and Exchange Server, blocking email threats in the Cloud before they reach your infrastructure. It's virtually maintenance free and requires no tuning or learning period to achieve our full protection. Live 24/7 support from our Ann Arbor, Michigan headquarters is included with all editions.

SpamStopsHere blocks 99.5% of spam with zero-HOUR malware protection and almost no false positives (<0.001%). It stops phishing scams, CEO spam, annoying offer spam and dangerous ransomware (like Cryptolocker) and other viruses, trojans and malware in the Cloud.

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SpamStopsHere Exchange Antispam Filter

Multi-Layered Filtering

Our proprietary design uses a series of filters to block spam headed your way before it ever reaches you. They include the following:

IP Blacklist
Blocks mails coming from servers that are currently sending out spam.
URL/Phone Filter
Blocks email with known spammer "click me" links and and phone numbers
Phrase Filter
We don't block on individual words (like "Viagra") that may be in a lot of legitimate email sent to attorney and doctors. Instead our Phrase Filter blocks email that has phrases that only appear and would never be sent in a legitimate message (like "Cheapest V!agra on the Net").
Pattern-Matching Filter
Blocks messages with techniques spammers use to try to defeat our other filters.
Custom Filters
You can also customize a set of filters for your own unique needs. They include SPF, Same-Domain Spoofing, Blacklist, Whitelist, Country of Origin, and many more.
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Fast ROI
With Lower Maintenance and IT Costs

Reduce your IT labor and maintenance costs by replacing your existing Exchange antispam / antivirus with SpamStopsHere. Unlike traditional antispam, is designed to be virtually maintenance free. No filter tuning is required although plenty of control is available, and there is no learning period. Period.

Blocking threats in the Cloud keeps them away from your business, protecting your servers and networks, while reducing the load on your infrastructure. You won't have to worry about updates, hardware changes or software upgrades, maintenance or support. Our brilliant 24/7/365 live support is included.

I will be gaining probably 15 to 20 hours a month of 'free' time.

Mike E. (NetSpeedia)