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Greenview Data, Inc. has been a leading provider of software and Brilliant Customer Support™ for over 30 years. Greenview Data's groundbreaking anti-spam filtering service, ™, has been an industry leader since it was first introduced in 2002. It was rated #1 for antispam accuracy by Network Computing Magazine and has over 30,000 customers worldwide.

Other Secure Email Services

Following in that tradition of exceptional products, services and support, Greenview Data offers a complete suite of secure cloud-based email solutions. These secure cloud-based services, along with SpamStopsHere, are designed for business, government, nonprofits and other organizations.

They are easy to set up and come with the same brilliant 24/7/365 live support. No appliances or other dedicated harware...all you need is your own domain.

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Contact Us about our Hosted Email Services; or call us anytime for full details at 888-576-4949 or 801-326-4709.

A Michigan Company

Greenview Data is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the prestigious University of Michigan.

Nestled among acres of green space, rolling hills and the Huron River, Ann Arbor is consistently ranked among America's happiest and healthiest cities.

Community Involvement

Greenview Data's founders, Ted and Phil Green, and its employees are proud to be a part of Ann Arbor, and are committed to the local, regional and global communities. Their involvement includes several efforts to promote health and well-being.

Greenview Foundation Hepatitis-C Research Fund

Hepatitis-C is a disease that affects 4 million Americans and even more people throughout the world. This charitable organization raised money to fund medical research and to improve the diagnosis and education of Hepatitis-C patients worldwide.

Greenview Foundation Hepatitis-C Research Fund Logo

Ann Arbor Velo Club

Greenview Data was the primary sponsor for this club that supports competitive cycling and promotes biking to middle school and high school youth.

Tour de Kids

Greenview Data was the primary sponsor of this bicycle-oriented event for young children and their grown-ups. Its employees were instrumental in running the event.

2008 Tour de Kids

Huron River Drive Restoration

In 2010 and then again in 2014, Greenview Data's founder, Ted Green, was instrumental in raising money and matching funds to repave vehicle and bicycle lanes for sections of this scenic drive along the Huron River.

Huron River Drive Repaving 2014

For More Information

For more about Greenview Data and its products, services and commnunity involvement, feel free to visit the corporate website at