Premium Spam and Virus Blocking

™ adds premium antispam, antivirus and downtime protection to Office 365, so you can have the business productivity you want with the business security you need.

It works seamlessly from day one, blocking 99.5% of spam with zero-hour malware protection and virtually no false positives (<0.001%). Whitelisting, blacklisting and custom tuning are not required. Setup is fast, too. Just point your MX records at our servers and we start filtering your inbound email. Optional outbound filtering is available, too!

See how SpamStopsHere beats typical antispam

The Perfect Addition to Office 365

Online Office
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
File Storage
1 TB / User
Email and Online Meetings.
May Need Tuning
No Tuning Needed
24/7 Live Support
Critical Issues
All Issues
Downtime Protection
5-Day Spooling and Recovery

5-Day Store & Forward Continuity
Protects incoming messages while Office 365 is down.

SpamStopsHere also includes our Store & Forward protection against lost email. It spools incoming messages during Office 365 outages for up to 5 days by default, then automatically delivers spooled email when Office 365 is back up.

All the Control You Want
(But May Never Need) with our web-based control panel

For those who love to tinker, the Control Panel lets you enable or disable optional filters (like foreign languages and same domain-spoofing), configure delivery options (such as Reject, Continue Filter, Modify Subject) and more.

Make your own blacklist and whitelist. Enable or disable any of the dozens of additional filters. Control filter delivery options. You can even write your own content-based filters!

Live 24/7/365 Support Included

All editions of SpamStopsHere include our legendary 24/7 live support. If you ever need support or just general help solving an email problem, you'll reach a 3rd-level support specialist within moments of calling.


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