Protects Your Business for Faster ROI

™ protects your business by trapping time-wasting spam and dangerous email in the Cloud, before it can damage your infrastructure. Our multi-layered filter combined with 24/7/365 live threat review provides zero-hour email security against the latest attached viruses, worms, trojan horses and more; far better than traditional antivirus programs.

SpamStopsHere also stores incoming email for up to five days if your email server is down for any reason, and then automatically delivers it when you're back online. Trapping spam and malicious email in the Cloud also has a great side benefit. It reduces the load on your email server by up to 80%, sometimes more. So you can use that bandwidth for something else or reduce your requirements.

Thank you for years of uninterrupted service and for saving our emails during the recent power outages.

Raheel C., IT Manager

Zero-Hour Blocking Keeps Threats Away

Spam and email threats aren't just annoying. They are dangerous, especially with employees opening and replying to emails all day, every day. Training your staff helps, but your business needs email protection that blocks spam and other malicious email without blocking legitimate messages from customers, patients, clients, suppliers, etc.

Email Spam, Viruses and Other Threats

's Cloud-based multi-layered filter is updated every few minutes with input from our live threat analysts. That's the only way to achieve such high blocking and low false-positives.

The result? You get the full power of our antispam and antivirus blocking immediately, with no learning period or tuning. That includes:

  • Email with links to malicious web sites, attached viruses and other malware
  • "Phishing" scams: Urgent emails about your online accounts
  • "Nigerian" scams: Inheritances or other unclaimed money
  • Medical and pharmaceutical offers: Like "Cheap V!agra"
  • More

Virtually all email threats will be blocked in the Cloud, before they can get to your server. With such protection, your co-workers are less likely to visit online websites with a virus, click on phishing scams and disclose sensitive company information (like account numbers and passwords), or do other damage.

Combined with our incredibly low 0.001% false-positive rate, you won't need to wade through all that annoying and dangerous junk constantly looking for missing email.

Traditional AntiVirus Protection

For enterprises that also want protection against historical malware threats, our Business and Professional editions add a traditional AV filter to our multilayered filtering.

It scans your incoming (and optionally outbound) messages and attachments for worms, viruses and Trojan Horses that could harm Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX/Linux operating systems. It removes the infection or takes other appropiate action and notifies the recipient.

Saves Incoming Email During Downtime

With , there's no need to worry about losing email during power outages, upgrades and maintenance or other short periods when your inbound email server is down.

Our exclusive Store&Forward™ feature is included with all editions of SpamStopsHere. It automatically spools incoming email for up to five days if your email server is down for any reason. When you come back online, it automatically delivers spooled email to your inbox as if nothing happened.

You can even increase the spool time, within reason, if you know you'll be down for longer. Please contact us first so we can determine how long you can set it.

SpamStopsHere traps spam in the Cloud, reducing the load on your mailserver
SpamStopsHere traps spam in the Cloud, reducing the load on your mailserver

Saves Money by Reducing Bandwidth

Spam is really just garbage that often accounts for 80% or more of incoming email. Why consume valuable bandwidth bringing all that junk into your office, let alone take up space on your hard drives storing it in a quarantine or spam folder?

blocks spam in the Cloud and delivers legitimate email securely to your Inbox. You can repurpose all that reclaimed bandwidth or reduce your requirements, saving time and money.

Our false-positive rate is so low (0.001% or better), many of our customers don't bother with a quarantine; or if they do, seldom check it for email incorrectly flagged as spam. So you can feel secure not bringing all that junk (some of it dangerous) into your office, just to throw it away.

SpamStopsHere has incredible accuracy without custom tuning.
No choosing between spam and missing email.