Four Editions to Stop Email Threats

Global Spam and Malware Blocking for Business

Business email filtering requires powerful spam-blocking while also stopping viruses, trojans and other malware (like Cryptowall and Locky ransomware), without blocking important email from prospects, customers, clients or patients.

™ stops 99.5% of spam with zero-day malware protection and virtually no false positives (<0.001%) to give you the best overall protection from email threats. Choose from Standard, Business, Professional and Enterprise editions to get exactly the protection and features you need for your business, government agency, law firm, or healthcare practice.

In addition to spam and virus filtering, all editions include:

Seamless Integration

SpamStopsHere works with business-level mail services and servers, like Exchange, Exchange Online, Office 365, Google Apps for Work Gmail, and more. If you have your own email domain and can point your MX records, you can probably use it.

Contact us anytime to confirm compatibility. MSPs, ISPs and Resellers, too!

Store and Forward Recovery

Store and Forward is a recovery service that spools your incoming email for up to 5 days if your mail server goes down for any reason, and then automatically delivers it to you when you're back online. It's a real life saver after brief maintenance or power outages.

Multiple Redundant Clusters

SpamStopsHere has redundant geographically diverse clusters of servers. It's like adding backup e-mail servers to your e-mail system, all over the world, to ensure delivery.

24/7/365 Live Support

Live technical and customer support for all issues from our Ann Arbor, Michigan headquarters. Call, chat or email anytime. We're always here. 24/7/365.

Standard Edition

Industry-leading business-level protection to stop inbound spam email:

Spam, Virus, Trojan and Malware Blocking

SpamStopsHere's proprietary multi-layered antispam filtering and malware blocking stops email threats in the Cloud, before they reach your network, mail server or computer.

Attachment Filtering

Choose which attachments you want to strip from emails, based on file type. For example, automatically strip all attached ".exe" files.

See it for yourself. Try SpamStopsHere Standard Edition free for 30 days.

Business Edition

Business edition has all of the Standard Edition features, plus:


Powerful email anti-virus protection.

TLS (Point-to-Point) Email Encryption*

Secures email transmission to/from our data centers. For full end-to-end encryption, you'll want our hosted encryption service.

Still not convinced? Try SpamStopsHere Business Edition free for 30 days.

*TLS encryption may not support all compliance requirements. Optional Outbound Filtering is required for sending TLS-encrypted email from our data centers. For full content-level end-to-end encryption, see our hosted encryption service.

Professional Edition

Professional edition has everything in the Business edition, plus:


Review emails flagged as spam and optionally release them to your inbox.

Advanced Attachment Filtering / Quarantine

Strip attachments based on file type (as with standard edition), or block entire emails or send them to quarantine based on attached file types.


Deliver email to mirrored gateways and receive email queue threshold alerts.

Why wait? Try SpamStopsHere Professional Edition free for 30 days.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition has everything in the Professional edition, plus:

Outbound Filtering

Protects the reputation of your company by filtering outgoing emails for spam and viruses.

Email Link Protection

Analyze a link for suspicious behavior or known malicious content before reaching the link's destination.

Attachment Sandboxing*

Run dynamic analysis on attachments to detect suspicioius activity or malicious content using our secure sandbox environment.

Isn't it time? Try SpamStopsHere Enterprise Edition free for 30 days.

*Attachment Sandboxing is an optional Enterprise Edition add-on. Enterprise Edition pricing, shown or calculated, does not reflect any additional cost for service add-ons. Speak with a dedicated sales professional for information over Attachment Sandboxing features and pricing.