Like No Other Anti-Spam

™ does not rely on unpredictable "Bayesian Heuristics" that most other antispam systems use. Our unique multi-layered filter provides the best overall email threat protection against spam and zero-day viruses, trojans and other malware.

Special email “honeypots” attract large amounts of spam all day every day of the year. Our proprietary filters block almost all spam instantly by matching existing profiles in our extensive database.

The few remaining suspicious emails are reviewed instantly by our expert threat analysts 24/7/365; who identify and block new spam campaigns, phishing scams and dangerous attachments within seconds...long before other antispam programs figure out what's happening.

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Multi-Layered Filtering

Most antispam programs, whether in the Cloud or not, use a method called Bayesian Heuristics to determine if a particular email is spam. That was an OK method of blocking spam a long time ago, but it can't keep up with the tricks that spammers use today, like how quickly they change their campaigns.

SpamStopsHere performs a multi-stage analysis of each email, producing an accuracy no one can match. Each type of analysis can be thought of as a different filter. Emails that match one filter are flagged as spam and blocked right there in the Cloud, before they can enter your servers or computers and damage your business. The entire process only takes a few seconds.

Each filter blocks spam based on a specific criteria. If an email matches one filter, it's stopped right there because we know it's spam.

This method is not only more accurate than typical Bayesian Heuristics, it's also more efficient. Since most spam is blocked by our IP and URL filters, we put those first in line, so most emails do not have to go through the phrase, pattern and custom filters. The entire process only takes a few seconds per email and is more efficient than other anti-spam.

SpamStopsHere Multi-Layered Filter
SpamStopsHere's filters block spam and deliver email.

IP Blacklist
Blocks email from servers owned by spammers

Many antispam providers try to improve heuristic blocking rates by subscribing to Real-Time Blacklists that try to identify spamming servers using automated techniques. We make RBLs available to our customers, but discourage their use.

Because blacklisted email goes directly to your spam folder (or quarantine), RBLs tend to block not only spam, but they also block a lot of legitimate emails (known as "false positives") from servers that are temporarily or unintentionally abused by spammers.

SpamStopsHere uses a conservative approach. We do not rely on automated RBLS. Instead we have a proprietary algorithm that determines if a server is owned by a spammer, and if so, blacklist it. Such servers will never send legitimate email, so our blacklist blocks a lot of spam with almost no false positives.

SpamStopsHere's IP Filtering
The IP filter blocks emails from servers currently sending spam

URL / Phone Filter
Blocks email with dangerous click-me links or phone numbers

Most spam has a link in the body of the email that the spammers want you to click on. The "click-me" link goes to a website that will try to infect your system with a virus, steal your username and password, take your money, or do other damage. Sometimes there's a phone number for a scam.

Spammers send out campaigns with changing subject lines and messages, but they can't change the click-me links or phone numbers very often because that's expensive and time-consuming.

Our powerful URL / Phone Filter blocks emails that contain click-me links or phone numbers we know belong to spammers. In other words, the filter blocks based on where the email is trying to send you, not where it was sent from.

Our 24/7/365 threat analysts constantly add to our database new URLs (domains, subdomains and IP addresses) and phone numbers used by known spammers. When a spammer changes the rest of the message or sends the emails from a different server, our URL / Phone filter blocks it before the IPs (see above) are updated, and usually before other antispam programs know what's happening.

Also, because these "click-me" links and phone numbers change less frequently than the rest of the message in the email, we can often predict what tomorrow's spam will look like and know how to block it before it appears.

SpamStopsHere's URL Filtering
The URL filter blocks emails with dangerous 'click-me' links

Phrase Filter
Blocks email with long phrases that only appear in spam

Many businesses (especially doctors and attorneys) have clients who send legitimate emails to them with words (like "Viagra") that appear in a lot of spam. Other antispam programs block those legitimate emails, making you waste time and money every day searching for client or patient email in your spam folder.

We don't block based on single words or short phrases. Instead, our Phrase Filter looks for long phrases that we know appear only in spam, so legitimate email from patients and clients is delivered, not blocked.

Spam campaigns are sometimes sent from different servers that change over time, or have new click-me links. But the rest of the content is the same.

If the spam includes phrases we've seen before, the phrase filter blocks the email. Within seconds, our 24/7/365 threat analysts add the new IP addresses and click-me links to the database, and the IP and URL filters take over blocking that campaign.

Our threat analysts also add new phrases to our database that they find in spam campaigns. The phrases are carefully hand-selected to ensure they're very unlikely to occur in a legitimate email.

SpamStopsHere's Phrase Filtering
The phrase filter blocks emails that contain phrases unique to spam

Pattern Filter
Blocks email with HTML tricks that spammers use

Our pattern filter blocks email with certain HTML tricks and other techniques that spammers use to defeat simpler antispam programs.

This is another proprietary feature in SpamStopsHere, and we don't disclose much about it. However, primarily use pattern filtering rules to block new campaigns until the IP and URL filters can take over. We also minimize the number of pattern filtering rules to prevent false positives.

We often use temporary pattern rules to block email harvesting campaigns and remove them when the campaign ends.

SpamStopsHere's Pattern Filtering
The pattern filter blocks emails that contain spammer tricks

Custom Filters
Block email with user-specifed content

For customers with special needs, we have custom filters that can block emails based on various criteria, such as specific languages and pornographic content.

Whitelist / Blacklist

Although we discourage their use, we let users whitelist and blacklist email addresses and IPs. These filters sit upstream of the four standard filters (see above). Most customer heed our advice and find they don't need to use either filter.

For blacklisting, we also subscribe to several RBL ("Realtime Blacklist") providers. Since those lists tend to produce a lot of false positives, we turn that filter OFF by default and don't recommend that our customers use it unless they have a specific reason.

Other Filters

For customers with special filtering needs, we have a set of additional filters that can block emails based on various criteria, such as specific languages and pornographic content. These "policy" filters will block all matching emails whether or not they were sent in bulk, so they should be used with caution.

SpamStopsHere's Other Filtering
Other filters include foreign language filtering