Almost No False Positives
No Tuning Required

The goal of anti-spam is to maximize spam-blocking and minimize "false positives" (legitimate emails incorrectly flagged as spam). Many spam filters can only do one or the other. ™ does both.

Our professional threat analysts work 24/7/365 to block 99.5% of spam for our customers with an incredibly low false-positive rate of less than 0.001%. That means fewer than 1 in 100,000 legitimate emails will be blocked without any custom tuning or filtering.

Anti-Spam Accuracy - Blocking and False Positives
SpamStopsHere blocks spam with almost no false-positives.

Email Protection Without the Tradeoffs

SpamStopsHere is so accurate, that in a typical month, less than one percent of our customers bother checking quarantines. Many stop checking altogether. They almost never see missing email.

The critical factor for me is the absence of false positives.

Thomas N., Customer

Other anti-spam programs make you choose between high spam-blocking rates and low false-positives. They send more spam through, block more legitimate email, or both. You and your coworkers end up wading through a lot of spam to find your email, wasting time and money, and increasing the chance someone will click a dangerous link or download a virus.

SpamStopsHere has incredible accuracy without custom tuning.
No choosing between spam and missing email.

Fast ROI Free Up IT Resources

As a business, you want an antispam program that has a very low false positive rate while maintaining a very high spam-blocking rate. That's especially important to professionals like doctors and lawyers, because they need to get their incoming email without a lot of spam.

You'll see an immediate return with SpamStopsHere There is no user tuning required and no learning period. You get the same protection and security that all our customers get, from day one. And with its low cost and virtually zero maintenance, you can free up scarce IT resources currently spending time every day fighting spam.

Are "Zero False Positives" Possible? No.

The only way to guarantee "zero" false positives is to block no spam or email at all. No legitimate antispam provider would promise that.

However, some have claimed ridiculously low numbers, for example, excluding emails that are delayed by "graylisting", which can slow down delivery 5-10 minutes or more, creating a bad user experience.

We don't use graylisting and we have a far more conservative definition of "false positive": A legitimate email that is not delivered within a few seconds.

Proof is in the Data (Yes, Actual Customer Data)

Here is actual data on false positives from one of our larger customers, who reports to us monthly how many incoming messages were incorrectly blocked as spam. As you can see, our false-positive rate is incredibly low month after month.

Over the 12-month period shown, we incorrectly blocked only 0.00026% of over 71 MILLION emails delivered. That's a false-positive rate almost 4 times better than we advertise and almost 40 times better than Competitor1 advertises.

Anti-Spam Filtering Low False Positives.
SpamStopsHere's incredibly low false-positive rate