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Everything has been working great. You guys have been one of the best companies I have ever worked with, always there when I need you with your great service and support. Keep doing what you're doing.

— Shaddy S., 02/03/2017

Accurate and Reliable

(Excerpt - See the complete post on Spiceworks)

To get right to my point, out of this short list what mattered the most was solid tech support. Both in ability to reach in less then a few minutes if put on hold and competent techs with courteous manners. I called late at night, weekend, rush hour morning and smack in the middle of the day.

In the end I decided SpamStopsHere as the winner. Roger, Mike, Derrick, Tony and Matt are fantastic. They really know their stuff and I would encourage any of you to call them and have a conversation about your needs. I worked a lot with Roger who cleaned up McAfee csv export of 150 mailboxes, set up the back end, make custom changes to the settings, send the Welcome emails and then I moved the mx records. For the past week everything has been 100% perfect. No false positives. I was reluctant to give it a try without importing the McAfee whitelist but the techs were confident it wasn't needed. They were right.

So far, I am very happy with this company and at the end of this week I will point another domains mx to them and hope the same great results with their 190 mailboxes. ... The negatives, for me, were easily outnumbered by the positives which is this system just works. Still nothing in quarantine that shouldn't be there. Support is great and reachable!

— Todd M., 11/22/2016

I've been both a user and reseller of Greenview's SpamStopsHere service since 2004, and it has been extremely accurate and reliable throughout that time. On top of that, Greenview's support team has been consistently quick, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Most times when I've needed to contact tech support, it has turned out to be a problem somewhere else. Greenview's team has always assisted me in determining the root cause, with a wonderful attitude and without any arrogance.

Now when I call Greenview support, it is for assistance with identifying the cause of a problem, not because I think SpamStopsHere isn't working right. I believe the service I and my clients receive is well worth the price, and I appreciate the help always being there when I need it.

Rick Mills, President, Technology Concepts of Central Florida

SpamStopsHere works wonderfully for us. Over 98% of email sent to us is spam (or viruses). You stop almost all of it. We used to check the "hits" to look for any real mail that you called spam by mistake (false positives). We never found any, and have stopped checking. Bottom line - Your service is amazing.

Harvey Motulsky, President, GraphPad Software

Your spam filtering and virus protection service is extraordinary. I am amused when I see the world clamoring to come to terms with spam while our service from SpamStopsHere totally resolved our issue with this persistent nuisance.

P.S. Last evening your service stopped dead 50,000 e-mails heading my way which contained the W32.Mydoom virus.

Jack Kunkle, CIO, Muhlenkamp & Company

No spam arrived in my Inbox last night! The first time in over 3 years.

Roy Chastain - KMSystems, Inc.

I've been using your service since December and I had not removed the last relay and was still getting a few spam messages a day. I removed the entry about a week ago and haven't seen a spam message since. Thank you!

Matt Smith

Easy to Use / Great Service

Just a few days and I'm VERY impressed by your staff and your product and couldn't be more pleased with my decision.

Transition was a snap and it means a great deal to get a pleasant and knowledgeable voice every time I had reason to call. I can't over emphasize the quality of help from well spoken staff members. Everyone with whom I've spoken has made me feel like an important customer.

Your product interface is easy to navigate and provides an exceptional amount of information. Even the initial emails leave little room for questions or error. All of this is in stark contrast to the experience I had with a trial I initiated with [competitor name redacted].

Thank you. I look forward to establishing a lasting business relationship with Greenview Data.

— Mark S., IT Consultant, Computer Savvy

This is how all cloud-based services should work.

I've been using SpamStopsHere for years. The service is reliable, the support is excellent, and the accuracy is really great. The biggest benefit of a hosted service in general is that most spam never even gets to your network in the first place, so bandwidth and storage issues don't arise.

The benefit of this particular service is its overall quality and reliability. It's a set-and-forget system. It has reasonable defaults, but you can configure for more aggressive blocking if you want, or just apply tags to the incoming message subjects so you can then use in-house filtering or mail rules.

It has a simple, no-nonsense UI that doesn't require kilotons of assets just to log in. Blacklisting, whitelisting, and custom rules are all easy to do, and just work.

If I had to pick the single most outstanding feature of SpamStopsHere, it would be the lack of false positives. I occasionally get requests to "check the spam filter" when an expected email is missing. Inevitably, the problem is on the sender's side. In all the years I've been using this service, I have had only one false positive, and even that was questionable, as the company that sent the email had previous history of spamming.".

Bill M., President, NCCER

I have been signing clients up for a new spam filter that has led me to completely abandon every other spam filtering system on the market.

I've been using Spamstopshere now for about a year, and have signed up 5-6 clients with about 100 mailboxes on the system. I've been able to watch tens of thousands of messages go through the system (no, I've not been able to see the messages, just the numbers - I can barely get through my own email folks!)

But the stats are telling. This system, once set up properly, filters over 85% of the spam coming through the network without any substantial adjustments. With a few tweaks, it can approach 95%. For sitecreations.com, I am currently at 96.3% spam reduced, and though I have done a very careful job building my white list (allowed senders) I don't know of any lost emails.

In each setup, I asked my clients to send over a vendor domain name list. We set up a google spreadsheet for them to pass around and folks put in the email addresses of vendors and other important associates. I then used that to quickly create a whitelist to load into spam stops here as I adjusted their DNS and so on. I am doing the setup for folks because it's a little intimidating to do DNS changes for many - and I just charge an hour's billing and get done with it. It works out fine.

I've used at least 10 other spam filters over the past 2-3 years. They all rely on global blacklists or challenge-response systems, and grab and kill a fair amount of "obvious spam" - but each have just enough annoyance (for either the recipient or the sender) to make them still have substantial impact on one's day.

SpamStopsHere has no such negative impact. I actually went through a little bit of a withdrawal period where I was going into my Qurb (another spam solution) folder to look for good messages and so on, but spam simply stopped. I have now uninstalled Qurb, and am guessing, earned back around 15-20 minutes per day. It almost feels like something is broken when you're not getting spam anymore. Don't worry - you get used to it.

This more than makes up for the quite reasonable costs of SpamStopsHere. While some will grumble over the $19 and up per month fees, they need to look at this from the point of view of lost productivity in their office over the course of the entire month. Yes, your ISP provides spam filters, but they are usually based on open-source systems that do not have the incredible URL/phone number filtering that SpamStopsHere has. This is a unique filter that is what catches the majority of the spam that comes through all of my clients' boxes.

And one other thing - I'm not a reseller and I have no financial interest in this program.

From: www.buzzmaven.com/internet-marketing-articles/spam-blocking-with-spam-stops-here

As I mentioned on the phone, we are very satisfied with both the SpamStopsHere product and the support provided by the tech support team. In the few times that I have actually had to contact tech support, they proved to be effective, efficient and knowledgeable of the product.

Rob R., Paragon Title

I just wanted to drop in a line and let everyone know that your service works like a charm. Since I signed and implemented the service last week, I have had absolutely zero spam entering my mailbox. None, Zero, Zilch. Your Personal Blacklist also works excellently. I haven't had any problems with the navigation or understanding any component of the web page. Very well laid out and easy to understand. I am definitely going to spread the word about SpamStopsHere to my friends and family and to corporate worlds where I work.

Thank you for a wonderful service. I wish I had found you two years ago.

PS: Keep up the good work. Awesome.

Kaushal Sinha

I must say this is one of the most impressive services I've ever encountered. There have only been a couple errors that we are aware of -- of over 100,000 emails -- and even those were questionable when I looked at them. The user interface, stats, support, recommendations, and on-line documentation are all outstanding. A first-rate job throughout.

I.S. Manager, Garan Lucow Miller, P.C.

Did you know that over the last 5 years, you have been the best and most perfect IT company I have dealt with.

Keep up the good work lads!

Derek Standley, IT Consultant, adaptIT

I love SpamStopsHere. It is better than I could have expected. I am telling all my friends.

Herbal Viagra is a thing of the past.......:)

Thanks for offering this excellent service to families at a bargain price.

Bill Person

Increases Productivity

I appreciate the quick replies from everyone since I started using SpamStopsHere. Awesome customer service and support!!!

One of my clients (with 70 employees) hasn't called or sent me any emails about spam issues since SpamStopsHere was integrated... and I've tried many other, more expensive solutions that were riddled with configuration, performance, and delivery problems. 3+ years of spam problems have come to a screeching halt. At this rate, I will be gaining probably 15 to 20 hours a month of "free" time due to the lack of incoming support tickets and filter fighting.

And my incoming support emails have actually gone from "complaints" to "compliments"! What the heck? Is that even possible?

If SpamStopsHere works this well, out of the box from the very start, without any issues, at this price point, and installation on a cPanel-based server can be done in a few clicks.... then what more could you ask for? SpamStopsHere is awesome!

Again, thank you for the great service. I'm glad I gave SpamStopsHere a shot!

Mike Edmondson, NetSpeedia Web Hosting & Development

Thanks for an utterly brilliant service. This may sound a little corny, but my working day has been transformed by not having to think about spam at all -- from hundreds a day down to nil, with perhaps half a dozen in my 'probable spam' folder. Wow.

The critical factor for me is the absence of false positives. (competitors' names withheld), etc. etc. all catch an occasional genuine email -- which make them effectively unusable for me. (competitor's name withheld) was pretty good, but still let through loads of spam. You, by contrast, seem to have processes which effectively turn off the spam faucet.

Thomas Nichols, nexus10.com

Gentlemen. I feel obliged to tell you the following story.

First week of July, we had a huge thunderstorm with 80+ mph winds here in Columbus, Ohio. Power lines were down in much of Franklin county. Our office building was one of those that got hit with a power outage. Power was out for 24 hours first and then for 48 hours with a 24 hour break in between. For a small business that does not have servers duplicated elsewhere it was a work stopping catastrophe. However, throughout this ordeal, we did not lose a single email. Considering how important communication is to business these days, we were spared a lot of grief thanks to our subscription to SpamStopsHere. No matter the duration of our outages, whenever the power was restored and our servers came back online, all emails were delivered in what seemed like no wait at all.

I was considering subscribing to router based anti-virus/anti-spam not too long ago; even considered (competitor's name withheld) devices. But during this storm, all those devices would have been dead in the water.

Thank you for years of uninterrupted service and for saving our emails during the recent power outages. Accept a new client as a thank you gift (name withheld). Yes they lost a lot of emails during power outages and asked me how they could avoid that in the future and I had only one answer for them.

P.S. I nominally support a few clients on the side as a consultant besides holding a full time IT manager position with the company listed below, in case you are wondering.

With a lot of gratitude,

Raheel Chaudhry, IT Manager, Barr & Prevost

SpamStopsHere benefits us by giving us the ability to enforce company email policies and keeping out unsolicited emails from flooding our servers and network. SpamStopsHere successfully blocks about 20,000 emails monthly for us, with no user intervention and very accurately. We have very limited technical resources and SpamStopsHere has provided us with a service that could be very labor intensive. I recommend SpamStopsHere to anyone that is looking to block [spam].

Ravi Sandhu, IS Director, City of Hope Medical Group

I love your service! Your program stops, on average, about 320 spams/week (almost 45% of the total emails our company receives). That's thousands of junk emails a year that I don't have to waste time downloading, or, worse yet, pay my employees to waste their time viewing. And, so far, no legitimate email has been blocked. I'm signed up for life.

Jerry Zubay - Creative Cuisine Corp.

Thank you for being so on top of this stuff.

E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e needs to use this service. It really does change work life.

This service has so greatly affected the availability of more quality work time, that I can't imagine anyone not subscribing to this service. It is simply the most effective thing I have ever done to increase my personal productivity.

Larry Kessler, CEO, InteliCable Group