The Best cPanel AntiSpam for Hosting Providers

Provide the best antispam and email antivirus protection to your customers while reducing your maintenance and infrastructure costs. Replace your aging heuristic-based antispam with the secure Cloud-based ™ cPanel Spam Filter Plugin.

SpamStopsHere is incredibly accurate, blocking 99.5% of spam with fewer than 0.001% false positives. It's easy to setup and is virtually maintenenance-free. There's no learning period, no tuning, and you don't have to manage whitelists or blacklists.

Best of all, our brilliant 24/7/365 live support is included for you.

Get Started

For more information about the SpamStopsHere cPanel Plugin, send us your contact info or call us anytime at 800-458-3348 or 734-426-7500.

About cPanel and WebHost Manager

As a hosting provider, your clients look to you for top-notch service, expert advice, and the most current technology. Cloud-based services are quickly replacing the traditional in-house server model and has been blocking 99.5% of spam in the Cloud for over 10 years.

cPanel and WHM make life easier for hosting providers by letting them and their customers set up and manage accounts through a graphical user interface.

You can make SpamStopsHere available to your hosting customers through these easy-to-use apps. Follow our clear and simple instructions and you'll be on your way in no time. If you need help getting set up, email, chat or call us contact us anytime. We're always here. 24/7/365.

How It Works - cPanel Spam Filter
The SpamStopsHere cPanel plugin for hosting providers blocks spam, viruses and other email threats in the Cloud, before they can reach your server, protecting you and your customers.


Get industry leading margins to enhance your profitability and improve your ROI when you provide to your customers.

Less Time on Maintenance

SpamStopsHere is virtually maintenenance-free. Unlike many other antispam filters, there is no learning period, no tuning, and you don't have to manage whitelists, blacklists, or other settings like that.

Few Support Requests

Because SpamStopsHere is so easy to use and requires almost no maintenance or tuning, you should see few support requests from your customers. Also, we provide 24/7/365 live support to you from our U.S.-based headquarters if you ever do need assistance.

Better Customer Satisfaction and Retention

SpamStopsHere blocks 99.5% of spam and delivers 99.999% of legitimate email.

Both you and your customers will enjoy better email security and peace of mind. Less spam, phishing scams and virus attachments; without having to waste time and money constantly searching for good email mistakenly sent to their junk folders.

...If SpamStopsHere works this well, out of the box from the very start, without any issues, at this price point, and installation on a cPanel-based server can be done in a few clicks.... then what more could you ask for? SpamStopsHere is awesome!...

Mike Edmondson, NetSpeedia Web Hosting & Development

Admin Features

provides our hosting providers the power of a Control Panel plugin for both Hosted and Local Cloud solutions.

You and your customers can add and remove domains and users from your control panel interface. Besides provisioning management, the plugin also supports one-click log in for end users and resellers to manage settings.

Control Panel features include:

  • Automated account provisioning to end-clients
  • Automatic account activation (MX-records switch)
  • Domain and User level protection options
  • One-click login to email security web interface
  • Control Panel integration

...It has a simple, no-nonsense UI that doesn't require kilotons of assets just to log in. Blacklisting, whitelisting, and custom rules are all easy to do, and just work...

Bill M., President, NCCER

SpamStopsHere Benefits

When you provide SpamStopsHere to your clients, they will also benefit from:

  • Improved protection against spam and viruses:
    • Antispam accuracy rated #1 by Network Computing Magazine
    • Less spam and more good email delivered to their inboxes
    • Fewer phishing scams and increased security
  • Reduced load on incoming mail servers, because spam is eliminated in the cloud
  • Higher reliability and availability
  • Automatic replication at a remote data center for disaster recovery
  • Seamless integration with email archiving, encryption and other services

Your spam filtering and virus protection service is extraordinary. I am amused when I see the world clamoring to come to terms with spam while our service from SpamStopsHere totally resolved our issue with this persistent nuisance.

Jack Kunkle, CIO, Muhlenkamp & Company