Removing SecuROM

SecuROM has been in the press a lot recently, due to it being installed surreptitiously by Spore, the new game from Electronic Arts. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Electronic Arts claiming that Spore installs SecuROM on the affected system and that SecuROM can't be removed without reformatting or replacing "the drive". I think that's going a little overboard. In this article, I'm going to tell you how to remove SecuROM from your system.

An excerpt from the lawsuit reads:

"What purchasers are not told is that, included in the purchase, installation, and operation of Spore is a second, undisclosed program. The name of the second program is SecuROM, which is a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) for computer games. Although consumers are told that the game uses access control and copy protection technology, consumers are not told that this technology is actually an entirely separate, stand-alone program which will download, install, and operate on their computers, along with the Spore download. Consumers are given no control, rights, or options over SecuROM. The program is uninstallable. Once installed, it becomes a permanent part of the consumer's software portfolio. Even if the consumer uninstall Spore, and entirely deletes it from their computer, SecuROM remains a fixture in their computer unless and until the consumer completely wipes their hard drive through reformating or replacement of the drive."

Removing SecuROM

1. Uninstall the Spore game and any other games that may use SecuROM.

2. Download the SecuROM uninstaller and save it to your desktop.

3. On your desktop, right click on the zipped archive that was just downloaded and click on Extract All.

4. Click on Next twice and then on Finish. There should now be a folder on your desktop called SecuROM_Uninstaller, double click on the folder to open it if it's not already open.

5. Double click on the file called SecuROM_Uninstaller.exe inside this folder.

The SecuROM Uninstaller will ask you to make sure that you're logged in as an adminstrative user on your computer and also let you know that SecuROM will be reinstalled should you run another program that requires it, and will ask you if you want to proceed.

6. Click on Yes.

7. You will receive a notice that all SecuROM components have been successfully uninstalled, and ask you to click on Ok.

8. Click on Ok.

I don't disagree that SecuROM could cause problems with system failure. All software is prone to failure and one installed in the fasion that SecuROM is installed could cause an operating system problem. However, it doesn't seem that impossible to uninstall.