SNXG Penny Stock Email Alert - Pump and Dump Spam

SNXG Pump and Dump - We're blocking a penny stock pump and dump spam campaign trying to boost the price of Sunx Energy, Inc. (SNXG) OTC shares. The email is very short, touting an expected increase in the price on Monday. Don't become a victim of these scams. Be prepared to block (or deal with) a massive wave between now and Monday's opening bell.

Stay tuned for more info as this campaign develops.

About the Stock Spam

The campaign is very simple. The emails are mostly text following several templates and using different ways of obfuscating the ticker symbol to bypass spam filters. Variations in the ticker symbol include:

  • S NXG
  • S N X-G
  • SN-X_G
  • SN-X_G

There are also variations in the subject line, including:

  • Look: New Sub Penny Alert Tonight!
  • This Stock is Your New Alert! The Details are Inside!
  • This Stock is a Breakout Buy and is moving into Virgin Territory...
  • My First Stock to Double...

Pump and Dump Scam Status

As of this post, the wave is rather small, which indicates the spammers could be testing for weaknesses out there in spam filtering. We expect a much larger wave to hit some time between now and Monday morning before the opening bell.

Nothing indicates the company is behind this campaign. The scammers are often just temporary shareholders who buy and sell to make money off of the scam.

How Pump and Dump Spam Works

Stock spam is especially difficult for other (especially purely automated heuristic) anti-spam systems to block because it lacks many of the normal spam indicators. For example, there is usually no URL to click on. The scammers just want a lot of people to buy the stock so they can dump it when the price rises from the sudden activity. Then they dump it at a huge profit and the price tumbles in response, leaving a lot of victims holding the bag

SpamStopsHere is exceptionally good at blocking these types of scams because we have live threat analysts at work 24/7/365 reviewing the few messages that are not initially blocked by our automated filters. Our professional staff immediately profiles and blocks these campaigns. helping us maintain our reputation for very high spam blocking with very few false positives. We're already blocking this one for our customers with multiple independent filters, so it will be difficult for the spammers to get past us.

About SpamStopsHere

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It also provides zero-day protection against email born threats like Cryptolocker and other viruses, trojans, etc. Because it works in the Cloud, spam filtering updates take effect immediately without the user downloading or installing anything.

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