"eFax Report" Spam Alert

We're blocking a new "eFax Report" email spam campaign this week that links to a malicious file on a hacked website. If you see one, DON'T CLICK THE LINK.

The Latest eFax Spam

We've got this locked down tight by blocking it with multiple filter rules. Some are being sent from servers we've blacklisted as belonging to spammers. We also have additional filters in place to block those coming from servers that are only temporarily or unintentionally being abused. Here's an example:

Subject: eFax Report ************************************************************* INCOMING FAX REPORT ************************************************************* Date/Time: Thursday, 25.02.2015 Speed: 735bps Connection time: 06:02 Page: 2 Resolution: Normal Remote ID: 271-748-177282 Line number: 5 DTMF/DID: Description: Internal only [malicious link] *************************************************************

Never click the link in an email. If you're an eFax customer and think you've received a legitimate email, login to your eFax account by typing the URL directly in your browser rather than clicking a link in the email.


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It also provides zero-day protection against email born threats like Cryptolocker and other viruses, trojans, etc. Because it works in the Cloud, spam filtering updates take effect immediately without the user downloading or installing anything.

If you're having trouble keeping up with these threats, consider trying SpamStopsHere FREE for 30 days.

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