COLV Penny Stock Email Spam Alert - Pump and Dump Scam

We're blocking massive amounts of email stock spam today with the subject "It is time to buy COLV". This looks like a classic "pump and dump" scam trying to lure people into buying shares of an OTC penny stock to drive up the price temporarily so the scammers can sell at a huge profit.

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COLV (Coastal Integrated Services, Inc) Spam

The scammers are trying hard to pump up this stock today. Over 250,000 of these emails hit our servers within the first hour or so, just before the opening bell. Our live threat team caught it within moments and blocked it globally, so our customers saw few, if any.

Apparently, this stock has been pumped before. So far, today's campaign is fairly simple. We are blocking with just a few filters. Here's what one looked like (we removed the link):

Hey Kids.

Statler here. I have to laugh. Yes friends, laugh. I have no other reaction to all the Twitter Warriors and Chat Room Heros who, because they were short COLV, could not talk enough trash about the stock.

It is time to buy COLV. Call your broker and buy it right now because I promise you it is going to twenty dollars. That's right $20.

I am going Ole School with COLV - and issuing a buy recommendation.

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COLV - Ready to make big dough?

Happy Trading,
Co-Editor, Stock Tips

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Pumping Old News

Possibly trying to add legitimacy to the scam, at least one website today is touting the company's "recent" acquisition of a beverage lid company and a beverage delivery agreement with another company. Both stories are old, dating as far back as September 2014.

Unfortunately, the scam may be working today, duping victims. Just this morning, the price has already swung from 0.163 (a three-month high) down to 0.136 and hovering at around 0.147. While those numbers may seem small, that's an almost 20% change in about 15 minutes.


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