Update - Blocking More Pump and Dump Spam of RNBI Penny Stocks

Late last week a massive "pump and dump" spam campaign began touting Rainbow International Corp (RNBI) penny stocks. It's been morphing for the last 5 days now, hitting email servers hard with ever changing messages, and shows no signs of abating. And it's probably fooling many spam filters into thinking the emails are legitimate.

You're probably reading this update, because your inbox is being flooded and you want to know how to avoid annoying and dangerous spam like this going forward.

SpamStopsHere customers have been protected from day one. As usual, our 24/7 live threat analysts responded immediately, blocking over 99.6% of this spam.

See our previous blog post for more about Penny Stock Pump and Dump scams and this one in particular.

Latest Developments

I spoke with our threat analyst Chad this morning about the latest developments. He tells me we've been seeing about one variation per day and that the spammers are using typical tricks to try and fool spam filters.

Here's a screen shot form this morning's variation:

Penny Stocks Spam Update - RNBI Pump and Dump

This morning's variation on the RNBI penny stocks "pump and dump" spam

As soon as we see a new variation, we write a filter to block it and then don't see any for a while.

Our customers don't see them either.

How We Detect and Block This Spam

Instead of relying solely on blocking "click-me" links or Bayesian Heuristics, we have additional filters to ensure that sophisticated spam campaigns like this are blocked. And unlike almost any other anti spam programs, we combine that filtering with 24/7/365 live threat review by trained analysts. The result is that our customers all get the best overall spam protection from day one -- without any tuning or learning periods.

With a campaign like this one, our threat analysts update our database as soon as our system detects a new variation. According to Chad, "We quickly write complex filters to detect the new patterns that are designed to trick anti-spam programs. We block the new variation right away and then don't see any of these emails for a while, until the next variation hits."

In this case, we have made use of "phrase" filters, which block based on complex phrases that we know are in spam. We almost never block based on individual words, like "Viagra", that can occur in legitimate email (like to your doctor); important for businesses and professionals.

Stay tuned for more on the latest spam developments.

If you're interested in updating your business spam filter, feel free to browse the web site, start a 30-day free trial, or contact us anytime. We're always here. 24/7/365.

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