Spam Alert: Amazon iPhone Order Confirmation Email

Watch out for fake Amazon email using your actual name that confirms an iPhone order. It's spam with a virus infected Word doc attached.

Dangerous Fake Amazon / iPhone Email

We're blocking a dangerous fake Amazon email today that uses the recipient's actual name and claims to be a shipping confirmation with order information in the attached file.

This scam is being sent to email addresses that may have come from a recent data breach or phishing scam, because it uses the recipient's actual name associated with each address. We see this tactic used in "spear phishing" scams, but seldom like this.

Also similar to a phishing scam is the urgent message. The total price of the "order" is a lot, with a delivery date within the week, probably designed to scare the user into opening the attached file.

However, it's not a phishing scam. A virus-infected Word document is attached to it. Do NOT download or open the document.

The subject line is: Your order of "Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB 4G..." has shipped!

Here's what the email looks like:

Amazon iPhone Spam

This fake Amazon iPhone Shipping confirmation wants you to open an attached virus-infected Word doc

To protect our customers from this and future variations, we're blocking the campaign with at least two independent filters, and may add more if it mutates.

The attached "order information" is a virus-infected Word document. Do not click on, download or open the file. It is a Word document that is infected with a virus and could do serious damage to your computer, network and might send itself out to your contacts.


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