Spam Alert - Spear Phishing Nigerian Scam

There's a new type of email spam out there that we haven't seen before. It combines two different types of spam into one: a "Nigerian scam" (or "confidence trick") and "spear phishing".

A Nigerian scam is one that tries to defraud victims (email recipients in this case) by gaining their confidence with an authentic-looking letter and phone number, email, website, etc.

Normal phishing scams have an urgent message that try to get victims to give up some sensitive information, like login credentials credit card numbers, etc. In contrast, a spear phishing scam is one that uses the recipient's actual name and other information (company, address, etc.), instead of a generic greeting like "Dear Customer".

There have been countless Nigerian email scams and spear phishing scams over the years. This is the first time we've seen the two combined into one.

The email comes in the form of a letter pretending to be from an actual bank or other institution and looks fairly convincing if you don't notice the few grammatical errors. It even uses a logo similar that looks real. Here's what one of the emails looks like:

Nigerian Spear Phishing Spam

The sender is probably trying to get the email recipients to give up some sensitive information, like social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Oddly, the letter asks the recipient NOT to contact him at his work email address.

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