Dropbox Email Spam Alert - Week of October 3, 2016

We're blocking several variations of Dropbox spam this week for our customers. They include links that redirect you to dangerous sites, like fake Dropbox or Google Drive login pages and a Facebook-like dating site. Do NOT click any of the links. See redacted examples and more information below.

Subject: [name] used Dropbox to share a file with you

This one is a phishing scam. The "Click here to view" link goes to a hacked site that redirects you to a fake Dropbox login page designed to steal your username and password.

Subject: Dropbox Notification

This variation is a little odd. The email body itself has a clickable "From" address that reads "Dropbox Notification". Don't click it. The link is not a reply email address. Like the others, it goes to a hacked site that redirects you to a "dating website" that looks sort of like Facebook.

Subject: [name] "scanned_memo.jpg" via Dropbox

This final example is another phishing scam that may be the most dangerous, as it looks the most legitimate. It includes a Dropbox logo and a clickable thumbnail of what looks like a scanned document. The thumbnail image and text links all go to the same hacked site that redirects you to a fake Google Drive login page trying to steal your username and password.

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