Dropbox Spam Alert - Fake Email has Dangerous Links

We're blocking several Dropbox spam campaigns this week with subject lines indicating someone "shared a file with you on Dropbox", someone "invited you to a Dropbox shared folder", or that you were sent a new Dropbox document. Do not click the links and do not download any attached files. If you want to check your Dropbox account, login to it directly.

About the Fake Dropbox Email

This week's Dropbox campaigns are relatively small in number, but still dangerous. We're blocking a few different ones, and several appear to be from the same spammer. These emails have links to dangerous web pages disguised as PDF or other Dropbox files. Here is what a few of them look like:

[name removed] Shared a File with You

[name removed] shared a file with you on Dropbox
You can reply to this email to add a comment to this file.

[name removed] has sent you a Document using Dropbox

[name removed] has invited you to a Dropbox shared folder called ''Important Documents"

- The Dropbox Team

Document sent using Dropbox


The executed document is attached and uploaded for you using Dropbox

View Doc Here

The document is secured via Dropbox.

Thank you!

You Have A New Dropbox Message

Drop Box . Keep everything. Share anything

Please check the document i uploaded for you using Drop Box.Click on Drop- box.pdf to view the document its very important.
Thank You.

The links in the emails (which we've removed) lead to dangerous files or fake login pages designed to steal your username and password.

Check Your Dropbox Account

As we often remind people, if you want to check your Dropbox account, login to it directly by typing the URL into your address bar. Never click the link in such an email, even if it addresses you by name.

Reporting Dropbox Spam

In addition to upgrading your antispam system, you can report fake Dropbox emails by forwarding them to abuse@dropbox.com.

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