Identity Theft Scam Looks Like an IRS Form

We blocked a new identity theft / phishing scam this week. What's odd is how low tech it is; but that may be the key to successfully stealing your information.

The email reads like a letter from the IRS urging you to fill out an attached PDF file that looks like an IRS form, and then fax it to a certain phone number. The form asks for personal and sensitive information, like bank account numbers, and information that scammers use to steal identities, such as birthday and mother's maiden name.

Here is what the attached form looks like:

IRS Identity Theft Scam

IRS Email Attachment Scam - Do NOT fill out this form or fax it.

Compare it to the real Form W8-BEN:

IRS Identity Theft Scam - Real Form W8-BEN

The Actual IRS Form W8-BEN

The scam not only targets non-resident aliens, who might be more likely to fill it out if they have never seen an IRS form before, but it also instructs residents to indicate their status and send the form in.

Don't open the form, don't fill it out, and DON'T fax it. The fax number probably belongs to the scammer who could use the information on the form to steal your identity and wipe out your bank accounts.

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