July 2008

Is your unsubscribe link still legal?

Back in May of this year, I wrote about the new final ruling regarding the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 which clarified the legal unsubscribe methods for commercial e-mail. The changes took effect last week on June 26, 2008 and it's very important that those sending commercial e-mail make sure that they're still in compliance with the ever changing law. Each violation can result in $11,000 in fines.


DNS security and DNS cache poisoning

While DNS cache poisoning isn't a new vulnerability, a lot of people didn't know about it and how new attack methodologies such as cross site script have made it more dangerious.


Security vulnerability in Microsoft ActiveX control

Microsoft released Microsoft Security Advisory 955179 to warn of a security vulnerability in its Snapshot Viewer ActiveX control. The Snapshot Viewer allows a person to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to view a report online that was generated in Microsoft Access without having Access installed.


Linux hangs at SELinux: Disabled at runtime.

I had a system running a Linux operating sytstem that would hang during the boot sequence right after where it said "SELinux: Disabled at runtime". I was able to find the problem and resolve it.

The human virus: e-mail chain letters

Chain letters have been a around since at least 1885, according to research by Daniel W. VanArsdale. Chain letters are letters that experience exponential growth by asking the recipient to send out multiple copies to other people and also ask that this chain of distribution not be broken.