March 2008

Protocol normalization and the changing Internet

If you are doing any type of protocol normalization on your network's perimeter firewall for application security, please don't forget that the Internet is changing.

Debugging memory leaks

Debugging memory leaks is important not only for a well working system, but for system security.

Troubleshooting problems with remote firewalls

Troubleshooting issues where a firewall that you don't control is blocking your traffic can be tricky.

Securing your wireless network

I thought I'd blog today about the most basic wireless network security. Having an unsecured wireless network can allow users to not only send spam through any Internet connection that you have, but also use your network as the base for a wide variety of attacks.


E-mail address security: Day 1

This week, I'm going to cover the most important things that you can do to prevent spammers from finding the valid e-mail addresses at your organization, also known as e-mail address harvesting.