SpamStopsHere blocks 99.5% of spam with no tuning or learning period.

Email Spam and Zero-Day Virus Protection

Accurate, Easy-to-Use AntiSpam and AntiVirus with Fast ROI

Transform your working day with SpamStopsHere™ hosted antispam filter, rated #1 for "Anti-Spam Accuracy" by Network Computing Magazine

SpamStopsHere provides industry-leading email spam filtering for business and zero-day protection from email-borne viruses, trojan horses and other malware like Cryptolocker. It's perfect even for the most demanding customers who cannot afford to have a legitimate email blocked; like attorneys, doctors and hospitals, financial firms, logistics and manufacturing.

SpamStopsHere blocks spam and provides zero-day malware protection in the Cloud
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See why SpamStopsHere beats traditional antispam and antivirus software without relying on unpredictable Bayesian Heuristics.

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SpamStopsHere is a "set it and forget it" spam, virus and other malicious email blocker with nearly 100% customer satisfaction. It blocks 99.5% of spam, has an incredible false positive rate of 0.001% and comes with 24/7/365 live support. There's no tuning and it's virtually maintenance free for immediate ROI.

Blocks More Spam

Spam profile database and 24/7/365 live review blocks 99.5% of spam. No tuning or blacklists.

SpamStopsHere Blocks More Spam

Unequaled Accuracy

Low false positive rate blocks less than 0.001% of legitimate emails. No learning period or whitelists.

SpamStopsHere - Low False Positives

Protects Your Business

Traps spam and malicious email in the Cloud so it can't damage your network. Spools email if your server is down.

SpamStopsHere Spam Blocker Protects Your Business

A Better Way to Block Spam

Stop spam and other malicious email (viruses, trojan horses and more) in the Cloud, before they damage your business. Because it's Cloud-based, SpamStopsHere integrates seamlessly with your business email service or server (including Exchange).

Unique multi-layered filtering works with our massive database of spam profiles. We update the database every few minutes, tracking spammers and predicting their next campaigns even before they hit.

Most importantly, our 24/7/365 live threat analysis team makes and double-checks all entries in our database. We never rely on error-prone "Bayesian" filtering or RBLs (real time black lists) to protect your business.

Our customers quickly realize they have little or no need to check their spam folders for legitimate emails; saving them time and money, and protecting them from accidentally clicking on frivolous offers and dangerous phishing scams. Best of all, there's no need for whitelists, blacklists or any tuning. You'll get full spam-blocking power right away.

SpamStopsHere email filtering for business is the best overall spam blocker
SpamStopsHere includes 24/7/365 live support

Live 24/7/365 Support Included

Like all our email security services, SpamStopsHere comes with our legendary 24/7/365 live support - included at no extra cost.

We consider support our competitive advantage and therefore provide all support from our main office. We never outsource or offshore support. If you ever need support or just general help solving an email problem, you'll reach a 3rd-level support specialist within 30 seconds of calling, 24/7/365.

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